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Dick's memorial comments and poem from Donnie Gallimore's funeral. Donnie

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Past Results
2001 Loon PM Classic  
  Loon AM Lakes  
2002 Loon AM Classic Tribute
  Loon PM Loon Scramble  
2003 Pines Tribute Scramble  
  Gaylord CC Tribute PM  
2004 Loon Tribute Scramble  
  Classic Tribute  
2005 Tradition Tribute  
  Classic Gaylord CC  
2006 Pines Smith Scores
  Fazio Tribute  
2007 Legend Cedar River  
  Schuss Mt Scores  
2008 Monarch Tribute  
  Fazio Scores  
2009 Legend Schuss Mt AM Cedar River
  Schuss Mt PM Scores  
2010 Scores  
2011 Pines Tribute Scores
  Scramble Loon  
2012 The Bear Wolverine Scores
  Scramble Spruce Run  
2013     Scores
2014     Scores
2015     Scores
2016     Scores
2017     Scores